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Company: Citymonitor

Citymonitor collects and combines municipal data across different areas. This generates insights and recommendations for actions that enable more efficient administration and significant cost savings.





The most important at a glance

Citymonitor unlocks vertical data silos and enables the analysis of data across different domains. In this way, data can be viewed holistically and evidence-based decisions can be made. Even across municipal boundaries.


More efficient administration through concrete recommendations for action

Increasing the efficiency of administration by comparing and analysing data across different areas.

Cost savings through real-time alerting and monitoring

Permanent monitoring provides information about the actual state of active systems and their functionality. This enables early reactions (predictive maintenance) in the event of malfunctions. Warnings in the event of damage also save costs and resources.

Flexibility through manufacturer-independent solution

Citymonitor allows the integration of sensors and meters from different manufacturers. High costs due to vendor lock-in can thus be avoided.

Plug & Play installation without prior technical knowledge

Our all-in-one solution enables municipalities to connect existing systems or implement integrations through existing partners without any technical know-how. This makes it easy to get started with digitization and process optimization.

Central overview of all real-time data

Additional value is created by linking individual data sources. For example, vertical data streams such as parking data, air quality, traffic intensity, and event data can be combined to achieve optimized traffic control.

Possibility of data exchange between clients

A unified database enables and supports inter-municipal data exchange and comparison across district boundaries. App developers can thus also be realized for your municipality.

Public dashboard for enhanced citizen service

A modular citizen cockpit allows interested citizens and companies to find out more about current bus departure times, road closures, parking lot availabilities, events, air quality, ozone levels, and much more in their city or town.

Opportunities to make data available as Open Data

In the age of data and digitization, transparency and access to data is extremely important for all stakeholders. Individual data streams can be made publicly available as Open Data in a machine-readable form.

The gathered data are at any time property of the customer.

At any time, the customer determines on what terms (free or paid) the collected data will be made available.

All-in-one solutions for a wide range of applications


Efficiency increase through smart metering of photovoltaic, water, gas and electricity systems.

Frequency measurement

Generates meaningful data in the tourism sector, at events and at community hotspots.


Evaluations of air quality, fine dust, temperature, and noise levels for evidence-based measures.


Corona warning

Little effort with great effect. Indoor climate monitoring to minimize the risk of corona infection.

Citizens' Service

Automated communication using chatbots and public citizen dashboards to improve the information flow.


Improving the parking and mobility situation through smart parking and traffic monitoring.


You too can benefit from Citymonitor by contacting us.

Use Citymonitor now to start digitizing your data streams. The areas of application are diverse and Citymonitor can be flexibly adapted to any use case.

  • Ready-to-use solution for automatic remote monitoring
  • Recommendations for actions based on the collected data
  • Cost and resource savings through more efficient management
  • Simple automation of manual processes
  • Can be implemented starting with just one use case
  • Step-by-step digitization of your city through expandability
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