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E-Power energy efficiency technology

The system is based on an innovative technology that reduces losses and generates energy efficiency improving the power quality, acting simultaneously on all the electrical parameters that compose the power

Vesputi Network Simulator and Optimizer

The tool allows to simulate transit schedules and compare them to actual data with the aim to analyze bottle necks in the transit network and optimize operations.

Vesputi Mobility Score

The mobility score is a mobility ecosystem analytics tool that enables data drive policies and location based decision making.

Vesputi Control Room Communicator

Our control room interface for public transit operators enables quick, efficient and automated multi-channel communication.

Venios Energy platform

Th platform makes it possible to digitize, monitor and control low and medium voltage electricity grids

Vesputi Mobility Platform

Our Platform enables public transit providers and cities to provide a wholistic view on mobility, including real-time information and relevant statistics.

Safety and security solutions

A wide range of networked solutions for efficiently monitoring public areas in cities and effectively managing security, safety, and communications.

Energy-efficient heating, hot water and cooling systems

Highly efficient heating, cooling, and hot water systems for apartments, buildings and even entire cities with connectivity features.

City data platform and community app

The tool for cities and communities allows to monitor, analyze and predict data and processes to connect city administration with citizens.

Energy storage solutions

Intelligent battery-based storage solutions to enable a sustainable, reliable, and cost-effective electricity supply.

Virtual Power Plants

Creating a virtual power plant will make it easier to optimize grid stability and maximize energy trading earnings.

Fleet Management

Comprehensive service portfolio gives fleet managers a constant, real-time overview of all vehicle data so they can optimize operational processes.

Environmental Monitoring

Analysing of micro-climate and high-resolution data in cities helps to identify real-time air quality patterns in a bid to influence traffic flow.


Charging apps let drivers of electric vehicles conveniently access nearly the entire public and web-enabled charging infrastructure.

Connected buildings

The solution allows remote monitoring and management of commercial building operations and equipment.

Smart home and connected household appliances

An interoperable smart home system solution that connects all home-related IoT devices and household appliances made by Bosch or external partners.