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The Facilitator for
Smart Cities in Europe

We accelerate change for a better urban life
with knowledge and market access
for public and private sector.  


BABLE Smart Cities is a purpose-driven organisation dedicated to accelerating change for a better urban life. We aim to be a driving force in holistic and urban innovation, utilising clean-tech and innovation to elevate the standard of living in cities, towns, and regions. We provide specialised knowledge and market access to both public and private sector organizations, empowering them to successfully implement smart city solutions that improve the lives of all citizens.  

In 2017, BABLE was founded as a spin-off from the Fraunhofer Research Society with the vision of creating a digital knowledge exchange and community platform as a powerful tool for sharing Use Cases and other valuable information. Our platform serves as a hub for fostering collaboration and driving innovation in the field of smart cities.  

In 2018, our passion for education on smart city topics led to the establishment of the BABLE Smart City Training Programme and shortly after – the first-ever smart city officer certification programme in Germany. Now, the programmes are offered across Europe in multiple languages, as well as customised trainings for public and private sector.   

In addition, we work closely with cities and companies to develop smart city strategies and roadmaps, utilising our team's expertise and diverse knowledge to bring key players in the ecosystem together. Using DIN standards, framework agreements and ensuring the interoperability of innovation in cities is central to the process that BABLE uses to assist the implementation of impactful projects.


billion euros of facilitated Smart City projects with cities, towns and regions
employees from 23 countries Meet our team
active countries partners and projects *90% in Europe Our services
individuals trained in Smart Cities in 5 years Our services
of organisations active on the BABLE platform




Our services are provided by a unique and diverse group of committed people who work from several locations in Europe. Our team comes from various scientific and academic backgrounds, and all share a passion to create a better urban life. We value camaraderie and intrapreneurship

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