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Challenge submission page

Mobility For Healthy & Inclusive Cities : Open Call For Challenges from Municipalities and Regions

An official partnership has been signed between BABLE GmbH, a European-wide Smart City community and BLOXHUB, the Nordic hub for urbanisation!

In accordance, an open call for challenges related to mobility as an enabler for liveable and healthy cities, towns and regions has officially been opened.
The goal is to collaborate across country borders and take in unique perspectives from different sectors to find real solutions to real-world challenges.

The challenges we face within mobility are complex and need to be solved in collaboration.
Seize this fantastic opportunity to share your most relevant challenge and get experts from the ecosystems of both BABLE and BLOXHUB to solve it with you during a co-created innovation workshop.

After a challenge (or multiple related challenges) is selected and defined, the challenge owner and organisations from a variety of sectors from the ecosystems (academia, public, private) will be invited to take part in a workshop on 12 October, in partnership with the International Mobility Summit (Electronomous) event in Copenhagen. In addition, the challenge owner will be invited to an exclusive evening reception in the evening at the beautiful BLOXHUB facilities in Copenhagen.
The challenge can take many forms, but the theme should be related to mobility and liveability.

The deadline for applications is 13 May 2022 and the winner will be announced by 31 May 2022.

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For further questions, please reach out to Tamlyn Shimizu, Global Digital Growth Manager at BABLE: tamlyn@bable-smartcities.eu
Please note: There is no cost associated with the workshop; however, the costs of travel and accommodation for the workshop will be at your own expense.

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