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Protoscar has developed an innovative tool and set of processes to determine the electrification potential of a fleet in terms of mobility requirements, greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption, charging infrastructure and TCO.


Vehicle Fleet Electrification Analysis

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Fleet Electrification Concept

Can your fleet be converted to electric vehicles without loss of mobility and without additional costs?

How high would the acquisition costs of the potential electrified fleet be? What would be the usage costs?

What would be the impact of the electrification of your fleet on energy consumption?

By how much could the CO2 emissions of your fleet be reduced through electrification?

The future of mobility is electric and electric vehicles are particularly suitable for fleet use because they offer several advantages. The fleet analysis serves to assess the electrification potential of the fleets of companies and cities by using ecological and economic evaluation criteria in order to select the ideal vehicles according to the needs.

credit: Markus Winkler

Our approach

What are the advantages of a fleet electrification?

Through practical analysis, we can support you to achieve a sustainable and cost-effective fleet. The analysis is divided into the following stages:

Collection of the necessary data: Length and duration of the journey, the topography of the journey, standing times, and locations

Data processing and use case analysis through dedicated interviews with the users. The daily users of the vehicles are our asset to best understand the needs and thereby secure the high standard of service level.

Suggestion for the optimal replacement for your vehicle fleet into e-mobility.

Presentation of the outcome of the comparison between the existing fleet and the proposed fleet in terms of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), CO2 emissions, and energy consumption. 

Also the charging infrastructure by use case will be looked at and included in our recommendations.

Conclusions for the optimisation of the fleet are presented and the associated consequences are explained.

Our references

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