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Together we develop the necessary knowledge to be prepared for the daily challenges in dealing with electromobility. We develop the right concept in accordance with your training needs (beginner, advanced, pro) and can also help you to deliver the training in different languages.


Training in Electric Mobility

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Take the lead in the transition into electric mobility

Electric vehicles are increasingly populating our roads, and in addition to passenger cars, electrically powered buses, pick-ups, delivery vehicles, and trucks are more and more on the road. Protoscar takes you on the exciting journey of electric mobility and trains your customers, your partners, or your employees.

Protoscar will provide you with the necessary knowledge so that your journey into sustainable mobility can be successfully implemented. The training solves typical inquires in: 

Electric vehicles functioning and charging

Standards and regulations for charging stations 

Considerations in the transition into electric mobility

Trends and developments in the market

Acquisition strategies for electric mobility products

Training for Elektro-Material AG

Our approach

Training for the TCS Patrol Unit

In an initial discussion, we identify your specific needs in order to develop a training course with the individual blocks that shall offer you the most added value. Be it for your business model, knowledge regarding charging infrastructure, or simply to get an idea of what electric mobility has in store for you as a service provider and user.

You can play an active role in shaping the change to sustainable mobility. With a training course from Protoscar, you lay the foundation for this.

Our success stories


EM teamed up with Protoscar to offer an e-mobility training programme aimed at electricians, planners, and architects. Thanks to Protoscar's experience in this area, it comprehensively covered all aspects related to e-Mobility.

Protoscar cooperates with Vereon and Lighthouse Institute (LHI) in the preparation of intensive courses in German.


Protoscar developed and delivered specialised training for the swiss TCS patrol drivers.                              


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