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Die Pilotphase von Bable@bw wird gefördert durch das Innen- und Digitalisierungsministerium Baden-Württemberg im Rahmen der Digitalalakademie@bw. Ziel ist die Unterstützung von Kommunen und Landkreisen bei Wissenstransfer und Innovationsprozessen für digitale Umsetzungsprojekte.

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Herausforderung / Ziel

The majority of public space in the streets of a city is dedicated to parking spots for cars. This results in missing space for additional services and offers.
Similarly, there are often more cars than available parking spaces in neighbourhoods. Due to this, citizens end up in long and tiring searches for parking spots.

Both problems can be solved by a higher usage of New Mobility offers. With the latest development in the sector of New Mobility there is now a huge amount of alternative mobility.
However, not having an overview about all available solutions can prevent citizen from using alternative mobility offers.


With the project UMPARKEN, the Digital Hub Mobility by UnternehmerTUM wanted to tackle the problem of space development in streets.

For 4 weeks, 8 households in the highly dense district Schwabing-West in Munich parked their private car outside the city. In return they were offered to use an extensive mobility package with various mobility services, all provided by the mobility partners of the project. As part of the UMPARKEN project, VEOMO provided a real-time visualization of all mobility solutions nearby. By setting up an outdoor screen in the public space, we helped the citizens to get informed about the best fitting mobility solution for their specific needs. This change of perspective reduced the daily commute stress and promoted a more sustainable mobility behaviour compared to the use of an own car.

The aim was to help people tackling their inner negative associations with New Mobility by showing the vast amount of alternative solutions. By making New Mobility more tangible for the citizens, we want to help facing the challenges of multimodal mobility and raise awareness for the positive impact of not using an own car.


Before the project, there were surveys about the usage of cars. After the project, the surveys focused on the project experience of the citizens, their opinion as well as potential long-term usage of the newly created public space.


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Planungszeit: < 0,5 Jahre

Implementierungszeit: < 0,5 Jahre


UnternehmerTUM, The City of Munich


Citizens of Munich & residents of Schwabing West

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