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Investment package for Smart Cities (ISC)

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Electrify your fleet with BABLE!The ISC is an innovative mechanism from BABLE for the procurement and financing of urban electric fleets and related infrastructure. ISC is supported by The City Finance Lab, a joint initiative of South Pole and EIT Climate-KIC.

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Shannon Macika

About ISC - view our slide decks (English/Deutsch) to learn more

Interested in learning more about the Packaged Investment for Smart Cities (ISC), BABLE's innovative financing instrument that facilitates aggregated demand bundling for electric fleets, electric charging stations and related infrastructure and services? Our PDF slide decks are available in English and German to walk you through the process and how to join:

Electric Fleets with BABLE 

Electrischer Fuhrpark mit BABLE

Please reach out to our team with any questions or expression of interest. We look forward to hearing from you!

Alanus von Radecki

About ISC - linking municipal demand and investment opportunities

With the Packaged Investment for Smart Cities (ISC), BABLE is developing an innovative financing instrument that facilitates aggregated demand bundling for electric fleets, electric charging stations and related infrastructure and services. The ISC helps streamline the procurement of this infrastructure and related services for European cities and municipal companies by providing a process that is simple, easy and cost-saving, taking the workload away from these entities and unlocking access to additional suppliers and capital through the expertise of BABLE, Climate-KIC and South Pole.

The ISC mobilizes public and private climate finance through an innovative, replicable and scalable model for packaged investment bundles that structures two smart city solutions – electric vehicle fleets and charging infrastructure (based on renewable resources) – along with related infrastructures and services. BABLE will coordinate demand aggregation and transactions around the packaged solutions,...


Investment package for Smart Cities (ISC) offers products and services for these Smart City Solutions

Electrification of fleets

One solution to reduce transport-related CO2 emissions is electric mobility. Depending on the characteristics of the fleet and its users, different options for electrification are most beneficial.


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