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Project Duration: 2015-2020


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A sustainable urban regeneration model leveraging the convergence of energy, mobility and ICT to transform European cities into Smart Cities. REMOURBAN will implement large scale interventions and intense dissemination initiatives to demonstrate the potential of the urban regeneration model in the energy, mobility and ICT sectors.

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Alessandra Barbieri

Smart city projects share policy recommendations in Brussels



During the European Week of Regions and Cities, the first three Smart Cities and Communities projects GrowSmarter, Remourban and Triangulum, funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, hosted the session “From dream to reality: sharing experiences from leading European Smart Cities” at which more than 150 participants took part.

The goal of this joint session was to present major outcomes and to share lessons learnt from five years of smart city projects in different European regions, focusing on technical as well as political aspects of creating smart cities. 

“The European smart cities have come a long way since our projects started five years ago and we have gained a lot of experience. Remourban, Triangulum and GrowSmarter have worked through many of the ‘do’s and don'ts’ of smart cities and gained an understanding of how policies can be changed to support the development of smart and sustainable cities and help meet local and European climate...

Alessandra Barbieri

“From Dream to Reality” Leading Smart City projects to Share Results in Brussel

On 8 October 2019, from 14:30-17:00, the first three Smart Cities and Communities projects GrowSmarter, Remourban and Triangulum, funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, are hosting the session “From dream to reality: sharing experiences from leading European Smart Cities” at the European Week of Regions and Cities, dedicated to share their key lessons learnt.

The session will touch upon both technical and political aspects of creating smart cities, explains Lisa Enarsson, Project Manager of GrowSmarter: “At the session, the three sister projects GrowSmarter, Remourban and Triangulum will give examples of actions needed to speed up the transition to smart and sustainable cities through energy efficient refurbishment, mobility and integrated infrastructure. Mayors from our cities will highlight what is needed on the EU level to facilitate replication of these actions in your cities! You need to be there to bring this back home!” she says.


Alessandra Barbieri

REMOURBAN Infopacks available online

In view to the REMOURBAN's end in December 2019 we are releasing press releasesinsights and other communication materials on REMOURBAN technical solutions for Smart Cities. 

In the coming months we will upload a series of documents containing valuable information on technologies in the fields of energy efficiency, mobility and ICT.   

At this link you can find the information packages published so far. Check them if you're interested and help us spread the word!

Alessandra Barbieri

REMOURBAN presents its final brochure

A few months from now REMOURBAN will come to an end. As a farewell to its readers, the project released a brochure on its achievements and legacy

Five years have almost passed from that morning in January 2015 when REMOURBAN started taking its first steps in the smart renovation of the cities of Nottingham (UK), Tepebaşi (Turkey) and Valladolid (Spain). To celebrate the end of the project and its many success stories, REMOURBAN Partners joined forces to sum up in a few pages the actions that made the lives of hundreds of thousands of citizens in Europe more comfortable and sustainable.

REMOURBAN final brochure presents the impacts generated by the project in three main areas: low energy district, sustainable mobility and integrated infrastructure. Special attention is paid to the replication of REMOURBAN’s solutions beyond the project duration.

Learn more on Tepebaşi’s smart street lighting system and find out how much of the energy consumed in Valladolid’s demo site comes from...

Alessandra Barbieri

Nottingham ready to beat Theresa May’s climate targets

As Theresa May signs into law a commitment to bring the UK’s carbon emissions to net zero by 2050, one city in the UK is on its way to achieving this goal 22 years sooner

As one of her final acts as Prime Minister, Theresa May, announced that she will be signing into law a pledge to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050. This would make Britain the first member of the G7 to make such a commitment official.

The announcement was largely applauded by environmental groups but there was also criticism of how the target will be met and whether it is in fact feasible.

However, one city in the UK is making strides to be net zero all on their own 22 years earlier. Nottingham, located 200 km north of London, has been on the forefront of reducing carbon emissions since 2000 when it signed the Nottingham Declaration on Climate Change.

Since then they have been ahead of schedule in meeting the 2020 targets set out in the Kyoto protocol back in 2005 and they have already surpassed their own 2020...

Alessandra Barbieri

Webinar - The Integrated Urban Plan: The Integrated Urban Plan: methodology for the design of a sustainable urban development strategy for European cities

Thursday 19th of June, 2019 at 14:00h (CEST / UTC+2)

Over the past few years a new trend has been spreading in Europe. The concept of smart cities has gained momentum in connection with the sustainable development of urban areas and, hence, the life quality of their inhabitants. By means of using digital technologies as a vector to increase the efficiency of a large number of urban functions and services, several solutions are being developed and tested in the fields of Energy Efficiency, Mobility and ICT.

The REMOURBAN Project tackles those three areas in its demonstration sites, where energy efficiency in buildings, transport decarbonisation and the development of digital platforms are being put to the test. To do that in a systematic way, the Urban Regeneration Model for European cities (URM) has been developed as a methodology to help cities make the best mix of innovative technical and non-technical solutions to accelerate their transformation into smart and more sustainable...