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Shotl, a Swvl company

Barcelona, Spain

About us

Founding Year: 2017   |   Location: Barcelona, Spain   |   Relevant Sectors: Mobility

Shotl is a mobility platform that empowers public transport operators to supply on-demand mobility services through a network of vans and small buses.

Smart City Status: The objective of the company is to provide a valuable option in areas where public transportation is often insufficient and highly subsidised.

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Use Cases


Improving public transport in Vallirana: a small town with big challenges

Shotl supported the city of Vallirana to make better use of its bus systems by replacing low-ridership routes with on-demand bus-services in order to lead a progressive transition from a car-based culture towards a driverless integrated mobility.


An on-demand mobility service for Torre Baró: an isolated neighborhood with challenging geographies

To support the residents of the rural and isolated neighbourhood Torre Baró, a flexible on-demand mobility service was provided. Additionally, new stops cover the whole residential area of the neighbourhood. The project increased the use of the public transport and reduced the use of private cars.


Improving home-to-school bus rides for the rural Ongar parish in Essex, England

For students of the Ongar Academy, the home-to-school transit was improved by a Demand Responsive Transportation (DRT) service. With a new algorithm & a passenger app, repetitive and scheduled rides could be offered based on students’ needs, increasing efficiency and with improved parental control.


Providing on-demand mobility services for persons with reduced mobility (PRMs)

The digitalization of a paratransit service with on-demand conditions. Before the implementation the service was completely manual, with 2 people dedicated full-time to receive, plan, and manage requests from paratransit customers whose only way to make reservations was through a Call Centre.


Supporting transport in business parks - an example at Munich Airport

Munich airport has 38,000 employees. To provide for their complex mobility needs, they provided 70 company cars for employees to drive around the site. However, while cars were always fully booked, they were under-utilized, spending a lot of time parked and waiting for return journeys.



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