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Solvera Lynx

About us

Founded in: 2002  |  Region of Operation: Slovenia

We combine interdisciplinary knowledge in energy, information, and economy. We introduce modern information technology and advanced energy services to the demanding technical fields of energy, industry, and transport.

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Maria Iglova

Actility and Solvera Lynx webinar about #smartcity solutions

How can #LoRaWAN enable cities to be smarter?! Want to know more about #smartcity solutions like energy management, smart parking, smart lighting or waste management? Join Actility and Solvera Lynx Energy Management #webinar on the 14th of February, to find out more! Register here:

Real-life projects will be used to demonstrate the possibilities and achievements of holisticenergy management platform #GemaLogicand #LoRaWAN technology. "Using low power energy management solutions based on LoraWAN technology you can focus on the energy-saving instead of the cabling. Having a good picture of energy use which is shared throughout the organization, and being able to monitor its energy efficiency performance, help to reduce energy consumption in the long run and make a profound saving on energy costs." BTC City - The biggest shopping and recreational center in Slovenia

Maria Iglova

Become a partner – Agent or Local Service Provider of Solvera Lynx

Become a partner – Agent or Local Service Provider of Solvera Lynx and expand your range of services. We will provide you with all the necessary tools and support required for the promotion and execution of the energy management services.



  • An intermediary contract
  • Basic product and solutions training
  • Pre-defined customer protection
  • Our dedicated sales support that supports the agent in the sales process from the initial offer to the signing.
  • A pre-defined commission


  • Partnership agreement
  • Pre-defined customer protection
  • Technical and commercial training 1–3 experts (1 week)
  • Localized technical and sales documentation
  • Regular annual training (min. 2 days/expert)
  • Unlimited access to the demo version of “” with data simulation support
  • ICT equipment for demonstrations and pilot projects under partners’ conditions (1x ComBox.M, 2x ComBox.L,1x BASE STATION LoRa, other equipment as per project requirements)
  • SaaS...

Use Cases

Energy Management for a group of Hospitals

Vinzenz group, biggest health care provider in Austria aimed at reducing energy consumption. A tailor-made monitoring software platform for targeted analysis of energy consumption, especially in cooling and heating technologies was installed by Solvera Lynx

Intelligent monitoring solutions for air domes

DUOL wanted to improve the after sales service for their air domes. A Smart Air Dome monitoring and management solution was installed by Solvera Lynx, which enables remote monitoring and management of the air dome status and its subsystems.

Energy Management System for the Novo Mesto Municipality

The Novo Mesto Municipality identified a need to adopt sustainable energy management solutions and infrastructure upgrades in the public buildings to reach their desired economic performance goals. Hence, a comprehensive tailor made energy management system from Solvera Lynx was installed.

Energy Management in a Smart Connected Factory

Salonit Anhovo, the biggest cement production factory in Slovenia has the goal to reach the top 10 % most energy-efficient cement factories in the European Union. To support Salonit Anhovo with their energy management goals, Solvera Lynx is supporting them with LoRaWAN technology.


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