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About us

Founded in: 2016   |   Region of Operation: North-Rhine Westfalia/Germany

We build a sensor platform that generates data about traffic, parking and E-charging stations. We provide cities, utilities or companies with this data, which is the basis of profound decision making in the field of mobility.

Smart City Status: We digitize cities to generate data that enable us to challenge the status quo and create new mobility concepts to heal cities from traffic infarcts. Both citizens and companies need to help cities with developing new ideas and digital business models.

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Use Cases

Travel time optimization through queue detection technology for enhancing Circular Economy

Deploy over-head sensors to digitize the whole site, create algorithm that calculates waiting time dependend on number of cars in queue and number of cars on the site.

S O NAH offers products and services for these Smart City Solutions

Intelligent Waste Logistics

The global amount of waste produced is steadily rising. With the amount of waste, the importance of an efficient processing of waste grows. Intelligent waste logistic covers the waste chain from the pick-up of the waste at the inhabitants' place to the processing of recycling and destruction.

Smart Parking

A Smart Parking System makes use of sensors or other technologies to determine the availability of parking lots in cities. This information can be shared with drivers, reducing the time spent looking for parking, and thus reducing traffic congestion.


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