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Greenbird Integration Technology

About us

Founded in: 2010  |  Region of Operation: Oslo, Norway

We fuel innovation in smart cities and the energy sector

Smart City Status: Unlike a traditional approach for system integration for utilities, Greenbird offers out-of-the-box system integration for digital transformation initiatives.

You can reach us:

Use Cases

Data Center - Real Time Governance

All sectors of administration were linked to a single data centre. A platform which enables the government to have access to real time data, accelerating decision making, with less budget and with accountability.

Onboard Contactless Ticketing

The city of Tallinn has introduced a smart solution for public transportation payment-as-you-go with EMV cards to quicken and facilitate its ticketing.

City Information Platform

The City Information Platform of Valladolid will be the system in charge of collecting, tracking and processing the whole set of variables being monitored to fulfil the requirements of the REMOURBAN plan and will assess the effectiveness of the interventions carried out

Real-Time Energy Map, Nottingham

The energy maps in real time REMOURBAN solution represent the ability of the citizens to visualise the energy consumption of the controlled region in real time.

Open Data Portal

The aim is to make cities more attractive, liveable and resilient through data and digital technology - improving the cities for their citizens and making them more attractive to potential investors.

Smart Data Platform & Data Gatekeeper

The City of Munich has built a Platform to collect and handle all generated smart city data accordingly. In a concept named "Data Gatekeeper" all elements that are important for a city are discussed- including data privacy aspect, data classification & anonymization, use case building and data model

Smart Data analysis for Mobility and Transport Planning

Mobility data, data analysis, big data – these terms are all rather abstract. With “So bewegt sich Deutschland” (How Germany moves), Telefónica NEXT has created an interactive map that takes the data and uses it to visualise nationwide traffic flows.

Smart City Data Platform

To support with real time data integration in Smart Cities, a Smart City Data platform has been developed which enables faster integration of data. The data and governance layer have been separated to provide ownership to the data owners.

Smart water utility solution

From the city of Stavanger Open data sources, sensor data, weather data and SCADA are streamed, and processed to see co-relation across data sources in real time which is used to maintain and identify improvements in the water and waste water system.


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