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Fraunhofer IAO

About us

Founded in: 1981  |  Region of Operation: Germany

Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO helps companies and institutions introduce new business models and efficient processes to make their businesses more successful. With our in-depth knowledge of organizational structures and technologies, we have the skills you need to put applied research into practice. We participate in international networks, investigating and shaping the frontline themes that are most relevant to the future of Germany as a business location. Our goal is to systematically optimize the ways in which people, organizations and technology interact.

Smart City Status: 11 Fraunhofer institutes and several cities and companies have come together to create the innovation network »Morgenstadt: City Insights« in order to collaboratively conceptualize smart cities.

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Alanus von Radecki

Upcoming Fraunhofer Conference - The Future of Public Space!

Join us for the next Fraunhofer Morgenstadt / Future City Conference on September 16th in Stuttgart (Germany). Get latest insights from applied research into Future Urban Design, Urban Supply Systems, Data and Digitalization, Smart Governance, Mobility, and Communication in Public Space as well as the launch of Morgenstadt’s Future City Innovation Programme.

Alanus von Radecki


On September 26, we will be hosting a workshop on smart cities and the nighttime economy in NYC. Please save the date!

Updates will follow.

Thanks to Hoboken-native Frank Sinatra, New York City is known as the “City That Never Sleeps.” In fact, most modern cities never sleep. Today’s metropolises function as 24-hour economies, offering opportunities for entertainment, transportation, business and shopping from dusk till dawn. Life after dark has become a realm of technological and social innovation that offers billions in yet-untapped economic potential, and smart, data-driven solutions promise an even larger portion of the population will be able to participate.

But the 24-hour economy comes at a cost; there are issues surrounding transportation and supply of goods and services, public safety and equal access, uses of space and housing. This workshop will bring international stakeholders from industry, academia, government and the public to discuss how cities should be thinking about...

Alanus von Radecki

How to create responsive cities

On June 24th the Fraunhofer Morgenstadt Initiative is organizing a Symposium in Frankfurt to drive digital forms of citizen engagement in cities. It's free to attend, but seats are limited - so be quick to register.

Looking forward to exchange some good ideas! 

Alanus von Radecki

Upcoming: Morgenstadt Conference on CO₂ Neutral Smart Cities - Leipzig 2019

The way we, as Humans, have developed our Lifestyle, is having a negative impact on our Earths’ warming up: Currently, we find ourselves at a rate of about 0.17 °C per decade. Additionally the effort on reducing the carbon budget to limit an increase of 1.5°C, established in the Paris Agreement, still requires major actions.
The Morgenstadt Innovation Network organizes three times per year conferences seeking to discuss and transform city challenges in innovative solutions shaping the Urban future of our cities. The first Morgenstadt Conference of the year will take place in Leipzig on the 4th and 5th of April on CO2 Neutral Smart Cities. The main goal of this Conference is to define an action- and roadmap- to find solutions on  how to decrease our CO2 emissions in the sectors of Energy, Mobility, Data and Buildings. Research Institutions, companies and cities will come together to deepen their knowledge in those areas and to expand their own scope of action in order to meet the...

bwcon GmbH

Spread the word: DESIGNSCAPES is funding 50 urban projects with 5,000 € each!

The designscapes project Open call is funding 50 projects in their feasibility stage with 5,000€ each, to spark urban innovation throughout Europe!<o:p></o:p>

Take less than 2 minutes to see if you apply for funding: check out the video here!

The overarching aim of the DESIGNSCAPES project is to exploit the generative potential of urban environments in the highest possible number of European Cities to encourage the uptake and further enhancement and up scaling of Design-enabled innovations by existing enterprises, start-up companies, public authorities and agencies, and other urban stakeholders.

More about the Designscapes Open Call here: 


Eliana Uribe

Meet the Fraunhofer Future City Experts at the Smart City Expo Barcelona

The Morgenstadt innovation network will be present at the Smart City World Expo Barcelona.
Meet us at Booth A127 to find out, how the Morgenstadt research and tools for digital urban transformation can support cities and companies in driving the change towards better cities!

Morgenstadt network members will get together on five smaller network events to pitch and discuss our innovations in the area of smart cities.

Feel free to contact us for individual meetings or to come and meet the Morgenstadt network members during the breakfast pitches or for tapas and beer.


Morgenstadt-Werkstatt meets Digitalakademie@bw // Digitalization for what?

The Morgenstadt-Werkstatt is Baden-Württemberg´s largest exchange platform for digital and comunal innovation. In two days, etsablished processes and assumed matters of course are challenged, worked on visions of the future and solutions are generated in co-creative formats. Key issue of this year´s Morgenstadt-Werkstatt is: Digitalization for what?

Main Topics, inter alia, are: digitization in data management, data protection, artificial intelligence, blockchain in mobility, intermodal mobility offers, cyber crime & cyber security, digital communication in administrations & participation processes, virtual workspaces, augmented & virtual reality in settlement areas, open data portal& data sourcing.

Have a look :) For any questions or need for support: E-Mail Morgenstadt-Werkstatt

If you wanna be part of the Morgenstadt-Werkstatt 2018 as an exhibitor, workshop leader or / and as a speaker in our info-talk rounds, let me know!


Morgenstadt Pitch

Morgenstadt Pitch, an event for start-ups improving urban life, is organised by Morgenstadt on September 26th, 2018 at Nordic Edge Expo in Stavanger. The event gives you an opportunity to pitch your startup in front of city leadership, investors, and decision makers from both the public and private sector. The start-ups focusing on the urban sustainability issues will have a unique opportunity for a live, on-stage two round battle to win the pitch competition. The winners will secure a yearlong membership of the Morgenstadt Network, and have an opportunity to advertise their one product through BABLE for an entire year.

Marielisa Padilla

Looking for partners on mobility solutions

Looking for project partners to implement smart mobility solutions in public transport modes #mobility #services



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