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About us

Country: Estonia

Tartu is the capital and largest city of Tartu County in South-Estonia. The population of Tartu is nearly 100,000 inhabitants. 30-40% of the population is in one way or another connected to universities located in the city: the University of Tartu, Estonian University of Life Sciences and others. That is why the city population is younger than the average in Estonia.

Smart City Status: Also known as the City of Good Thoughts, Tartu already has a good track record as a smart city. Tartu has developed its e-services and paperless administration practices for decades and has been one of the first in the world to implement many smart solutions – m-parking in 2000, public Wi-Fi throughout the city in 2000, local e-elections in 2005, city mobile applications in 2006, digital signature in 2007, a fully electric taxi service in 2012, and participative budgeting in 2013 etc. Tartu ranks 15th in the European Smart Cities benchmark for smart people and joined the Covenant of Mayors in 2014 with the aim of promoting energy efficient solutions, the use of renewable energy and environmentally aware citizens.

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Use Cases


City of Tartu Implement Data-Driven Public Transport

The aim of the project was to build a more usable public transport network based on real demand and to improve public transport efficiency.



Public Art Gallery on Retrofitted Apartments in Tartu

Tartu organized an international art competition to make its pilot area for turning Khrushchev-era buildings into modern energy efficient homes into an attractive and unique urban environment for its citizens to enjoy.



CNG powered buses in the city of Tartu

With the aim of having 100% of public transportation buses in Tartu run on gas by 2019, the municipality has purchased 60 new biogas busses for the public transportation network.


Smart Street Lighting in Tartu

The City of Tartu replaced 320 existing sodium lights in the city centre area of Tartu with energy efficient LED lighting. The new lighting and the  traffic and environmental sensors together with the wireless control units developed by Cityntel OU form a smart street lighting network.




Car Free Avenue in Tartu

Tartu closed one of its main streets in the city centre for car traffic and opened it for its citizens for whole of July 2020 in order to introduce the concept of urban biodiversity and build understanding of human friendly livable city.



Reusing EV Batteries for Energy Storage

Solutions for re-purposing EVs' rather quickly deteriorating but valuable batteries. EV taxis of the private company OU Takso in Tartu will be partially recharged based on renewable energy that is produced on-site with PV panels and stored in used EV batteries improving the yield of the batteries.



Retrofitting old Soviet Apartment buildings in Tartu

As part of the SmartEnCity project, the objective of the retrofitting is to drastically reduce the energy usage of the old Soviet era buildings, hrustsovkas by around 70%. Several energy saving measures have been undertaken to reach this goal.



Smart Home Solution Pilot in Tartu

Through the SmartEnCity project, in addition to retrofitting package that will see Tartu’s pilot area buildings fully renovated, the apartments will be supplied with a smart home system that connects to the Cumulocity cloud platform and enables data exchange and monitoring.


Sustainable District Cooling Solution that uses residual heat

A highly energy efficient district cooling system was installed in the densely populated city center of Tartu using the river cooled chillers. The system was made more energy efficient by Fortum, using a heat pump that reuses the residual heat from cooling system for the district heating system.


Public bike sharing system in Tartu

With the aim of encouraging the use of bicycles and make this a considerable alternative to cars, the city of Tartu has implemented a city wide bike sharing scheme as part of the SmartEnCity Project. The system consists of public city bikes, parking lots with safety locks and a management system.



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