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About us

Country: Catalonia, Spain

Voted European Capital of Innovation 2014, Barcelona is a vast metropolitan hub with a long tradition of industry and entrepreneurship. Barcelona City Council encourages strategic initiatives aimed at generating international collaboration and promoting a global and forward-looking vision to businesses and public bodies, as well as scientific and technological centres.

Smart City Status: Barcelona’s Smart City program began over thirty years ago when the city installed fibre optic cables to connect two municipal buildings. Currently, the City Council is using public-private partnerships to encourage innovation in areas such as transport, shopping, street lighting and environmental monitoring. Barcelona has been transformed into an urban laboratory, piloting projects and services that make the city more open, efficient and friendly.

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Global campaign to advance digital rights targets 100 cities...

UN-Habitat, OHCHR, UCLG, and EUROCITIES have partnered with the cities of Amsterdam, Barcelona and New York to launch a campaign to rally 100 cities in 100 days to join the Cities Coalition for Digital Rights.

Read more here.


FlossBCN Web Platform is a new tool for the community of Free “Libre” and Open Source Software of the area of influence of the city of Barcelona.

The platform is developed on Drupal 8, a contents management system (CMS) for web applications...


Cities Coalition for Digital Rights

The Cities Coalition for Digital Rights is an international alliance formed in 2018 by the Barcelona, Amsterdam and New York city councils to protect and promote people’s digital rights on a global level.

The coalition creates policies,...

Use Cases

Energy efficient refurbishment of tertiary buildings by Barcelona Municipality

Barcelona Municipality has retrofitted two old textile factories, lately abandoned or used as a warehouse. The buildings have been transformed into a new public library (Library Les Corts) and an R&D centre for Smart cities hosting both public and private entities (Ca l’Alier).

Virtual energy advisor by Barcelona municipality

The Virtual Energy Advisor is being developed within the Barcelona Municipality project ‘Take charge of your energy’ with the aim to reduce household electricity consumption by encouraging behavioural changes amongst tenants.

Smart local thermal districts

Within the GrowSmarter project."Smart local thermal districts" is part of the building refurbishment in Ca l’Alier, which combines on-site electricity generation (PVs) with the local existing DHC network, reducing the consumption of fossil primary energy for heating and cooling production.

Smart meter information analysis and actuators

In Barcelona, Endesa deployed an innovative “Data Hub”, named Multiservice Concentrator (MSC), allocated in the secondary substation with the aim to serve as a data node, collecting and managing city data.

Smart Multifunctional Tower

The Smart Tower is a smart solution that provides enhanced wireless access networks. The aim is to support the growing demand of mobile connectivity in the city for broadband mobile connections, IoT services, etc.

Home energy management system (HEMS) by Gas Natural Fenosa

Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS) are installed in all residential buildings selected to be refurbished by Naturgy in Barcelona. It aims to inform tenants on how to optimize their consumption and reduce their energy bills, by providing information on real-time electricity and gas consumption.

Barcelona´s big data integration solution

Barcelona´s big data integration solution aims at developing a semantic model that reflects and connects three domains of interest: mobility, energy, and integrated infrastructures. 

Stochastic model of appliance energy consumption

An electricity demand model based on stochastic approach has been developed by IREC using statistical data from Spain (Time Use Data Surveys).The aim is to influence consumer decisions to improve the their appliances' energy labels.

Better Energy Flexibility with Radio Base Station Batteries

Barcelona tested using the back up batteries of radio base stations to increase grid flexibility and provide greater stability. The stations can be disconnected from the grid on demand and instead use the batteries.

Smart energy and self-sufficient block

The smart energy and self-sufficient block aims to reduce electric consumption in tertiary buildings through renewable energy, especially photovoltaic. 

Building Energy Management System: Resource Advisor

The Software Platform called ‘Resource Advisor’ developed by Schneider Electric enables the follow-up of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the evaluation of the impact of energy retrofitting works in a building.

Microdistribution of freight in Barcelona

Last mile delivery of goods is a new approach to reducing congestion, lowering emissions and diminishing delivery times in dense urban areas.

Energy efficient refurbishment of the building - Educative centre Escola Sert

Gas Natural Fenosa has implemented energy refurbishment of an Educative center Escola Sert. The aim is to validate the technical and economic feasibility of adding renewable energy generation to a tertiary building in the form of building integrated photovoltaics (BIPVs) for self-consumption.

Energy efficient refurbishment of the building - Hotel H10 Catedral

Under the GrowSmarter project, Gas Natural Fenosa has implemented energy refurbishment of three buildings with very different uses , and one of them is a hotel H10 Catedral. The aim is to validate the technical and economic feasibility of executing an energy refurbishment of a tertiary building.

Energy efficient refurbishment of the building - Sports Centre CEM Claror Cartagena

Naturgy has implemented retrofitting actions to lower the energy consumption in over 12,500 m2 of tertiary floor in Barcelona. Three buildings with very different uses have been retrofitted, and one of them is a Sports Centre, CEM Claror Cartagena.

Energy efficient refurbishment of residential buildings by Naturgy

Naturgy has implemented retrofitting actions with the aim of lowering the energy consumption of buildings in nearly 20,000 m2 of residential floor in Barcelona: Canyelles, Ter, Lope de Vega and Melon District.

Energy efficient refurbishment of a residential building - Passeig Santa Coloma

Barcelona Municipality has promoted the energy refurbishment of a social housing building in Passeig Santa Coloma with 207 dwellings and over 14,000 m2.

Developing charging infrastructure to promote e-mobility in Barcelona

Endesa Energía has implemented five fast charging stations in Barcelona with the aim of promoting clean transport in the city.

Vehicle to X (V2X) Charging for Electric Vehicles

In Barcelona, an innovative form of Vehicle-to-X (V2X) charging for Electric Vehicles has been implemented. This can increase the renewable energy penetration, energy storage, grid flexibility and facilitate energy management optimization.

Smart taxi stand system in Barcelona

The Smart Taxi Pilot in the city of Barcelona makes it possilbe to provide taxi drivers and taxi clients with real time information about taxi availability at each taxi stand through a mobile app.

An on-demand mobility service for Torre Baró: an isolated neighborhood with challenging geographies

To support the residents of the rural and isolated neighbourhood Torre Baró, a flexible on-demand mobility service was provided. Additionally, new stops cover the whole residential area of the neighbourhood. The project increased the use of the public transport and reduced the use of private cars.



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